I learnt that don’t just look at a problem and assume it’s hard. These puzzles will help me in Maths
Mind Missions was enjoyed by all children in our school. They loved the challenge aspect of their problem solving and they developed their team work skills throughout the day. It has improved the children’s willingness to take a risk and try different ways to solve a problem. A great day – thank you!
We have used the Happy Puzzle Company for the last two years and both the staff and students have enjoyed the experience. The students have developed their team working skills as well as mathematical and logical problem solving. The instructor was brilliant at tailoring the sessions to our needs from Yr 7 to 11.

How To Organise Your Day

Remember these are only suggestions to help guide you! We will adjust timings and programme lengths to suit the structure of your school day. If you would prefer to discuss your requirements over the phone then please give us a call on 020 8953 4514.

Primary Schools

One Form Entry(across ONE day)

9.00am - 10.30am Year 3 and Year 4
10.45am - 11.45am Year 1 and Year 2
1.00pm - 1.30pm Reception
1.45pm - 3.15pm Year 5 and Year 6

Two Form Entry (across TWO days)

Day 1

9.00am - 10.25am Year 4
10.35am - 12.00pm Year 5
1.30pm - 3.00pm Year 6

Day 2

9.00am - 10.30am Year 2
10.45am - 11.45pm Year 1
1.00pm - 1.30pm Reception
1.40pm - 3.10pm Year 3

Junior Schools

Two Form Entry (across ONE day)

9.00am - 10.10am Year 5
10.30am - 11.40am Year 6
1.00pm - 2.05pm Year 3
2.10pm - 3.15pm Year 4

Infant Schools

Two Form Entry (across ONE day)

9.15am - 10.30am Year 1
10.45am - 11.30am Reception (one class)
1.00pm - 1.45pm Reception (one class)
1.50pm - 3.20pm Year 2

First Schools

Two Form Entry (across ONE day)

9.00am - 10.10am Year 2
10.30am - 11.40am Year 4
1.00pm - 2.05pm Year 1
2.10pm - 3.15pm Year 3

Middle Schools

Two Form Entry (across ONE day)

9.00am - 10.10am Year 7
10.30am - 11.40am Year 8
1.00pm - 2.05pm Year 5
2.10pm - 3.15pm Year 6

Secondary Schools

Ten Form Entry (across ONE day)

9.00am - 10am Year 7
10.05am - 11.05am Year 7
11.10am - 12.10pm Year 7
1.10pm - 2.10pm Year 7
2.10pm - 3.10pm Year 7



Special Schools

There are over 1000 schols in the UK catering for children with a variety of special educational needs. Our programmes are suitable for most of them. We work with these schools on a one-to-one basis to plan the best possible structure. Programmes often need to be shorter with fewer students. We offer four and a half hours of programme time during the day and we will work with you to plan an appropriate format for the day.