Frequently Asked Questions                                                




Do your presenters have full DBS checks?


All of our presenters are given full enhanced DBS checks which will be available to view on the day along with photo ID.


What space do you require?


We would normally ask to work in the school hall, or a space of similar size. However, if this is not possible then any space which could accommodate 60 children would suffice.


Is there anything else we need to provide?


Besides a space to work, the only other requirement would be a single parking space. If a parking space cannot be provided then we do require a space to unload and an on the road permit. We are unable to get public transport due to the amount of equipment we bring along on the day.


How many students can you see at a time?


We can see a maximum of 60 children in each session; each child would normally take part in one session on the day. There is no minimum amount of children required per session. Where possible, tables would be preferred for the children to work on. Although, if tables are not possible to arrange then mats would be fine.


We are a small school, what is available to us?


Unfortunately we are unable to offer a reduced rate. However some small schools do invite students from a nearby school to participate and share the cost of the day. Alternatively, we can visit your school in the morning and another school for the afternoon.


How long does it take to set up?


Typically, the presenter would arrive a minimum of half an hour before the first session begins, this would normally be plenty of time for the presenter to transfer resources into the school and set up for the day. The school would be expected to have the space ready for the children to work in, for example tables and chairs set up.


Can we use our 10% staff discount early?


Schools and teachers are welcome to place orders prior to their PCD, and they would be entitled to their 10% discount. The presenter would then bring the resources for the school along with them on the day.


What happens if we want to change our date?


A school can change the date of their PCD to whenever they choose, if they contact us up to 6 weeks before their original PCD date. Although, if we enter the 6 weeks prior their PCD then we are only able to rearrange their PCD date to an available day in the same week- if a day is unavailable then the school would be liable for the full amount.


Can we bring a photographer along?


You are welcome to invite any local newspaper or photographer on the day to take photos. If the teachers would like to take pictures then they are welcome to do so as well.


Do you require a deposit?


We do not require a deposit to guarantee your PCD date. Payment is due on the day itself.


Can we travel between schools?


If a school should require us to travel in between two sites on the day then if enough time is left to do this we would be happy to accommodate their needs.


Do you cater for students with special needs?


We have visited many SEN schools and our presenters are fully trained to cater for any students’ needs. Should there be any children with SEN within a session then we would be happy to do anything in our power to help them experience the day in as full a capacity as possible.


What staffing is required for the sessions?


We require at least 2 staff members to be present in each session; these can be teachers or teaching assistants.


Is parking required?


If a school does not have the facilities for us to park our vehicle on their premises then arrangements, where possible, should be made so our resources can be easily transported into the school. Should there be the need to pay for parking, we would do so on the day, and invoice the school accordingly.


Do you work with Nursery students?


Unfortunately we do not have the provisions to cater for nursery students.


 How many people can take part in our parent's programmes and staff insets?


There can be a maximum of 80 people in a parents and family programme, this includes the children and parents. We can accommodate 80 staff in an INSET. There is no minimum amount of people required for either session.

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