Feedback And Reviews

We pride ourselves on our feedback, sharing experiences... Puzzle Challenge Days open up a wide range of opportunities for both individual schools and clusters.

Here are some thoughts and feedback from people who have hosted Puzzle Challenge Days.


From Individual Schools


"Their delivery of the Smart Thinkers workshop was fantastic! The new programme seems to have been a big hit with everyone. The feedback from staff was amazing and there were some very enthusiastic pupils. Thank you for a fantastic day.."

Darren Thomas, Headteacher, Pantyscallog Primary School  

"The Smart Thinkers programme was outstanding. It was amazing to see all the students collaborating and solving a wide range of problems and challenges. The day was organised really well and the presenter had good control of the children. It was a rare opportunity for us as teachers to take a step back and look at the children problem solving and communicating. An amazing day was had all round."

Sigrah Begum, Lead Teacher KS1, Chestnut Land School Hugh

"We have hosted The Happy Puzzle Company a few times now and their latest Smart Thinkers programme took everything to the next level. The students were engaged from start to finish, and the staff were impressed by how well the students collaborated on the tasks. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending The Happy Puzzle Company to any other school."

Ms K Goldstein, KS2 Teacher, Channing School

"The puzzles from Smart Thinkers were extremely engaging and provided a tough challenge for our boys. I really liked how persistence was referred to and rewarded, not just the speed of success. The presenter was friendly and clear and was able to keep up the momentum of the session. All of the resources looked in very good condition and fit for purpose and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Smart Thinkers to any school."

Head Of Maths, Arnold House School

"Every single student was focussed and motivated for the whole time. It was lovely to see different learning styles being catered for, so everyone has a chance to show their own learning strengths. Being hands-on and tactile, the activities were a success. As a teacher, it was great to be a kid again. Thanks to The Happy Puzzle Company for a great day."

David Tito-Nekeare, Hugh Christie Technology College, Kent  

"The Happy Puzzle Company has played a vital part in raising the quality of learning in our school. The choice and quality of games The Happy Puzzle Company provides is outstanding. The children's workshops were energising, the parent's workshop awesome! Our children are now making informed, strategic decisions across the curriculum and have become purposefully and actively engaged in their learning. Peer coaches always use games to inspire their young learners and set them ever increasing challenges. I cannot imagine our curriculum without the support of The Happy Puzzle Company."

Jane Kent, Head Teacher, Northchapel Primary School, West Sussex  

"What wonderful fun and an incredibly effective learning experience! Every single student was 'on task' from start to finish and by the end it was crystal clear that they had a renewed determination to conquere challenges with their school work. Thank you for three fantastic days!"

Rosemarie Hopkin, Head Teacher, Galliard Primary School, Enfield  


From Cluster Days

"It was outstanding - almost mind-blowing to see every single student achieving. The cheers and applause at the end said it all! We are absolutely certain that the children's thinking skills and confidence have been boosted significantly!"

Kerry Witham, Gifted & Talented Strand Co-ordinator, Grimsby Excellence Cluster  

" engaging, exciting experience for all schools in the Zone. The puzzles actively supported our aim to involve pupils in creative learning. All schools purchased resources so that they can continue to use puzzles to challenge their students."

Neil Pont, Aspect Action Zone, Newcastle-upon-Tyne  

"We ran ten Puzzle Challenge Days for our cluster - and without exception each one was a brilliant success! There is no doubt that all of the students who took part have had a massive boost to their confidence, solving the apparently impossible with a huge smile and 100% commitment to the challenges, whilst improving their thinking skills."

Kathryn, East Lancashire Cluster Co-ordinator  


From The students

"It was fun, when a puzzle is tricky, don't give up, try a different way. It makes you think more and use your brain."

Jessica, Year 2  

"The puzzle session helped me to work as a team and to be patient with things, because it's never impossible."

Maisie, Year 6  

"I sometimes find it hard to work as part of a team and today has helped me because I needed to communicate with my teammates and share ideas."

Kyle, Year 9