Puzzle Challenge Days

Mind Missions was enjoyed by all children in our school. They loved the challenge aspect of their problem solving and they developed their team work skills throughout the day. It has improved the children’s willingness to take a risk and try different ways to solve a problem. A great day – thank you!
The HPC experience offers our year 7s a brilliant set of challenges that require them to work and bond together in their new from groupings through practical engagement, and they reinforce - in all they say and do - our growth mindset values, encouraging experimentation and 'failure' as crucial tools in ruling out options and finding solutions, and exemplifying how tough working through a challenge can be, whilst demonstrating the enormous satisfaction when you crack it. More than anything though, the sessions are fun: we don't often have students asking to stay behind at break to carry on with their lessons, but we have had them ask if they can stay in and take on another challenge!
A day with the Happy Puzzle Company provides immense excitement as the children develop their awareness of team building. The activities provided caters for every child and all abilities. Once one level is mastered the children can then progress on to the next. A professional company providing enrichment to any curriculum.

Brain Blaster - Think... Communicate... Solve!

Foundation Stage | KS1 | KS2 | KS3 | KS4 | 16-19

An exclusive programme for schools who have previously hosted a Puzzle Challenge Day with The Happy Puzzle Company.

After three years of research and development, we are delighted to introduce you to our second programme, especially designed for schools that have already hosted the original programme, aimed at further developing their students' skills. This programme is available for all Key Stages.

The second Puzzle Challenge Day programme takes everything a stage further, allowing students to examine how they have made real changes to their learning and taking the development of their thinking and team skills to a new level. This is not just another set of puzzles to try. It is a superb opportunity for your students to see how much they have improved, how much more they can achieve in their school work and how they can use their skills to full effect with a broader, more intricate set of challenges.

The students leave the first programme with real strategies for apporaching more challenging areas of their schoolwork and peer group interaction. In addition, teachers will have gained the opporunity to see their students thinking and performing in ways that the classroom is not always able to offer. With newfound strategies, a renewed enthusiasm towards thinking and learning, plus a greater understanding of how to achieve full potential, both student and teacher will see immediate positive benefits from the experience of the Puzzle Challenge Day.

At the end of each of our workshops, students are asked what they feel they have learned that will help them in the future. Almost always, we hear the same three answers...

    "Never give up!"

    "That nothing needs to be impossible."

    "The importance of working as a team."


    These are powerful messages that cover the entire curriculum as well as life outside the classroom.

    Suddenly, students realise that it's ok to make the mistakes and that in many respects there is no such thing as a 'wrong' answer. If an answer is not quite right, we can use that to drive us in the right direction towards reaching our goal.

    It's learning without a pen and paper and it gives teachers a rare opportunity to take a step back an watch their students in action. Often, it's the students that you least expect to excel, who turn out to be incredible leaders and the inspiration that leads to the groups success.


Foundation Stage | KS1 | KS2 | KS3 | KS4 | 16-19