We can see up to 60 students per session

We can run a maximum of five sessions throughout the day, allowing us to work with up to 300 students  

Sessions usually take place in a school hall or equivalent 

12,000+ bookings and 4,000,000 students can't be wrong 



Raise your students' own expectations of what they can achieve.

Welcome to one of the most extraordinary educational experiences your students will ever have!

Your students will encounter a variety of challenges, most of which can be solved within a few minutes, but which require collaborative learning skills with a careful strategic planning in order to find a solution. If the temptation to give up starts to appear, the programme teaches students how to persevere, put their own skills to better use as part of a team and overcome difficulties by approaching problems from a different perspective.


Turn your students into independent learners and thinkers!

Brain Blaster is a completely new concept in school workshops. Nothing like this have ever been done before! With your students in teams, it uses audio-visual mind trickery, bizarre maths, 3D team challenges, blindfolded fishing and Big Ben's chimes... all in your school hall and with up to 300 of your students per day.

This brand new set of workshops will help to arm your students with the skills to work through real life challenges and situations, allowing them to respond with awareness, creativity and deliberate strategies, in order to achieve a positive outcome. It will help them to become resilient and encourage them to persevere.


Challenge, Communicate, Engage and Progress

Mind Missions are hands-on maths, thinking and team-building 'expeditions', devised by top educators and run in your school hall. Up to 60 students can take part in each 'expedition' (with up to five different ‘expeditions’ per day).

Each team is given an age and ability-appropriate mission to complete. To achieve this, they will need to work together effectively, solving hands-on challenges requiring a wide variety of mathematical and thinking skills, collecting the pieces of information that will enable them to complete the mission. Mind Missions allow students of all abilities to really engage with challenges, enhance a wide range of skills and make real progress in developing their skills.


An exclusive programme for schools who have previously hosted a Puzzle Challenge Day programme

The second Puzzle Challenge Day programme takes everything a stage further, allowing students to examine how they have made real changes to their learning and taking the development of their thinking and team skills to a new level. This is not just another set of puzzles to try. It really is a superb opportunity for your students to see how much they have improved, how much more they can achieve in their school work and how they can use their skills to full effect with a broader, more intricate set of challenges.


The world's first workshop to combine the concept of 'Escape Rooms' with a focus on coding skills!

Differentiated programmes available for all primary and secondary Key Stages. Escape Rooms have over the last few years, become one of the most sought after puzzle experiences. Requiring effective teamwork and resilience, the impact of success can be extremely powerful and can significantly improve the individual’s perception of just how much they can achieve.

The basic concept involves linking together a series of clues that will enable you to crack codes on a series of locks. The locks must be solved in sequence as the clock ticks down. The task is to ‘escape’ before the clock reaches zero, by cracking the code of the final lock. Coding skills have become a vital part of the UK computing curriculum. The Coding Box uses a variety of challenges to improve the skills that will ultimately lead to more effective coding.


Still not sure which programme to book. Click below to compare the skills and outcomes for all five of our workshops in our easy to read table.