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" The HPC experience offers our year 7s a brilliant set of challenges that require them to work and bond together in their new from groupings through practical engagement, and they reinforce - in all they say and do - our growth mindset values, encouraging experimentation and 'failure' as crucial tools in ruling out options and finding solutions, and exemplifying how tough working through a challenge can be, whilst demonstrating the enormous satisfaction when you crack it. More than anything though, the sessions are fun: we don't often have students asking to stay behind at break to carry on with their lessons, but we have had them ask if they can stay in and take on another challenge! "
Pippa Marriott, Head of Lower School

" We have hosted The Happy Puzzle Company a few times now and their latest Smart Thinkers programme took everything to the next level. The students were engaged from start to finish, and the staff were impressed by how well the students collaborated on the tasks. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending The Happy Puzzle Company to any other school. "
Katie Goldstein, Teacher - Channing School

" The puzzles from Smart Thinkers were extremely engaging and provided a tough challenge for our boys. I really liked how persistence was referred to and rewarded, not just the speed of success. The presenter was friendly and clear and was able to keep up the momentum of the session. All of the resources looked in very good condition and fit for purpose and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Smart Thinkers to any school. "
Teacher, Arnold House school

" The puzzles were really challenging to get my brain working "
Lily Atkinson, Year 4 Student

" “You have provided us with the most important workshop we have ever held at this school. You have left us with enthusiastic, resilient and engaged children. Every school needs to do this! You’re doing something truly amazing.” "
Mr Justin Kett, Deputy Head, Morasha Primary School

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