Puzzle Challenge Days

We have hosted The Happy Puzzle Company a few times now and their latest Smart Thinkers programme took everything to the next level. The students were engaged from start to finish, and the staff were impressed by how well the students collaborated on the tasks. We wouldn't hesitate in recommending The Happy Puzzle Company to any other school.
The Smart Thinkers programme was outstanding. It was amazing to see all the students collaborating and solving a wide range of problems and challenges. The day was organised really well and the presenter had good control of the children. It was a rare opportunity for us as teachers to take a step back and look at the children problem solving and communicating. An amazing day was had all round.
Their delivery of the smart Thinkers workshop was fantastic! The new programme seems to have been a big hit with everyone. The feedback from staff was amazing and there were some very enthusiastic pupils. Thank you for a fantastic day.
The puzzles from Smart Thinkers were extremely engaging and provided a tough challenge for our boys. I really liked how persistence was referred to and rewarded, not just the speed of success. The presenter was friendly and clear and was able to keep up the momentum of the session. All of the resources looked in very good condition and fit for purpose and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Smart Thinkers to any school.

Brain Blaster - Think... Communicate... Solve!

Foundation Stage | KS1 | KS2 | KS3 | KS4 | 16-19

A giant map, divided into 100 squares, sits at the front of your school hall. One of those squares will reveal a treasure trove, but which one?

To find the treasure, your students, in teams, will solve numerous hands-on challenges, gathering the clues that will enable them to use logical deduction to locate the square hiding the golden haul!

With tasks differentiated according to year group, devised for Reception, Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 as well as 16+, up to 60 students per session and up to 300 students per day, will be able to take part in this brilliant new thinking skills programme, that will boost your students’ self-confidence, build their resilience and improve skills that they will then carry into both the classroom and the social lives.


At the end of each of our workshops, students are asked what they feel they have learned that will help them in the future. Almost always, we hear the same three answers...

    "Never give up!"

    "That nothing needs to be impossible."

    "The importance of working as a team."


    These are powerful messages that cover the entire curriculum as well as life outside the classroom.

    Suddenly, students realise that it's ok to make the mistakes and that in many respects there is no such thing as a 'wrong' answer. If an answer is not quite right, we can use that to drive us in the right direction towards reaching our goal.

    It's learning without a pen and paper and it gives teachers a rare opportunity to take a step back an watch their students in action. Often, it's the students that you least expect to excel, who turn out to be incredible leaders and the inspiration that leads to the groups success.


Foundation Stage | KS1 | KS2 | KS3 | KS4 | 16-19