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The world’s first workshop to combine the concept of ‘Escape Rooms’ with a focus on Coding skills

Differentiated programmes available for all Primary and Secondary Key Stages. Escape Rooms have, over the last few years, become one of the most sought after puzzle experiences. Requiring effective teamwork and resilience, the impact of success can be extremely powerful and can significantly improve the individual’s perception of just how much they can achieve. The basic concept involves linking together a series of clues that will enable you to crack codes on a series of locks. The locks must be solved in sequence as the clock ticks down. Your task is to ‘escape’ before the clock reaches zero, by cracking the code of the final lock. Coding skills have become a vital part of the UK computing curriculum. The Coding Box uses a variety of challenges to improve the skills that will ultimately lead to more effective coding.

The Coding Box has been assembled by some of the UK’s finest puzzle creators. This colourful, dynamic and fast moving programme will engage your students, improve their skills and create a thoroughly memorable experience. Challenges vary from programme to programme, but here a just a few examples of the challenges that your students will face. Difficulty levels are adjusted according to Key Stage and ability level.

Using specially adapted 3D glasses, students must solve mathematical problems that will lead them to a code which will open the lock to the next box. The catch? Parts of the equation disappear or reappear depending on which 3Dglasses are being worn.

The team must work together to piece together the different information they require.

The next box is packed with cubes, each of which reveals a coding instruction.

Students must sequence the cubes so that they cover each space on a grid in a logical order. This is turn will reveal a hidden code, which can only be viewed using an ultra-violet torch, and which will allow access through the next lock.

100 keys, 99 of which have no use. One however will allow access to the final box,which will reveal a secret.

As the programme progresses, additional pieces of information will gradually reveal which key will open the box.

Students must solve a coding problem using functions andwork out the shortest way to move round a space.

Once complete, they are left with a series of numbers which correspond to a dial on the back of box one. By making each side add up to 40, the students can use their initial findings to discover a letter combination needed to the next box.

Workshop Suggested Timings

One Form Entry(across ONE day)

9.00am - 10am Year 3 and Year 4
10.15am - 11.15am Year 1 and Year 2
1.00pm - 1.30pm Reception
1.45pm - 2.45pm Year 5 and Year 6

Secondary School

9.00am - 10am Year 7
10.15am - 11.15am Year 7
11.30pm - 12.30pm Year 7
1.15 - 2.15 Year 7
2.30 - 3.30 Year 7