The puzzles were really challenging to get my brain working
The HPC experience offers our year 7s a brilliant set of challenges that require them to work and bond together in their new from groupings through practical engagement, and they reinforce - in all they say and do - our growth mindset values, encouraging experimentation and 'failure' as crucial tools in ruling out options and finding solutions, and exemplifying how tough working through a challenge can be, whilst demonstrating the enormous satisfaction when you crack it. More than anything though, the sessions are fun: we don't often have students asking to stay behind at break to carry on with their lessons, but we have had them ask if they can stay in and take on another challenge!
I didn't even realise I was doing maths! I really enjoyed working as a team with my friends trying to find solutions to the problems. It was a great feeling when we solved the problem together
The Puzzle Challenge Day at our school excited and challenged all children, from Reception to Year 6. The main benefits were undoubtedly logic and teamwork skills. In the long-term it will have provided a memorable Maths-based experience which we hope will inform their problem solving skills of the future. We would recommend this to other schools as it is an engaging experience for all children and also a great opportunity for building further links with parents.
'We had been full of anticipation and excitement about our Happy Puzzle day and we were not disappointed. Throughout the sessions, students were completely engrossed and engaged with their team problem solving. The collaboration and determination needed to complete tasks was at the right level for each class that attended. The presenter was very professional, knowledgeable and a delight to work with.'
I liked taking part in everything. We caught up with everyone else. It was so amazing.
The different puzzles really helped the pupils build on their social skills, creativity and observational skills. The pupils were very aware by the end of the session that by working as a team and communicating they could solves puzzles much faster. I would highly recommend the Happy Puzzle Company to other schools. They felt a great sense of pride and achievement.



What is a Puzzle Challenge Day?


Welcome to one of the most extraordinary educational experiences your students will ever have!

A Puzzle Challenge Day consists of between three and five programme with up to 60 students in each session. In most cases, the structure of your Puzzle Challenge Day will enable between 180 - 300 of your students to take part. Each student takes part in one of the programmes.

Your students will encounter a variety of challenges, most of which can be solved within a few minutes, but which require collaborative learning skills with a careful strategic planning in order to find a solution. If the temptation to give up starts to appear, the programme teaches students how to persevere, put their own skills to better use as part of a team and overcome difficulties by approaching problems from a different perspective.

The programme lengths are flexible to enable us to fit into your school's timetable. Generally though, each session lasts for between 60 - 90 minutes, spread across the day

Key Skills

-Thinking Skills

-Logical Reasoning Skills

-Team Skills 


Taking part in a Puzzle Challenge Day Programme will help to develop students'

Thinking Skills
Logical Reasoning Skills
Team Skills
Communication Skills
Abilities to overcome difficulties with school work

So...what will the students be doing?

Below is just a small example of the types of activites the students will be taking part in. Each puzzle is subject to year group and session lengh.

Road Map - Years 4-9 (Differentiated) 

Students need to put 20 pieces of road together to make one complete circuit. Not so easy when they all fit toghter every way round.

Key Skills - Problem Solving, Visual Perception, Spatial Awareness & Team Skills.


Castle Logic - Years 1-6 (Differentiated) 

The aim of this task is to recreate the picture shown using the image provided. What way round the pieces go is up to you.

Key Skills - Thinking Skils, Visual Perception, Spatial Awareness & Team Skills.



Colourscape - Years 5-11  

The task is to put all the pieces together to build one big jigsaw. A task which becomes much easier once they have worked out the clever pattern.

Key Skills - Visual Perception, Pattern Matching, Team Skills & Sequencing.


Spin Science - Years 3-11 (Differentiated)

The Showstopper! We can make it look like there is fur and wiskers all over your students faces without even touching them. We make the impossible become possible.

Key Skills- Problem Solving &Visual Perception.



Our programmes use large 3D team puzzles and challenges. They all look incredibly easy... until the students start trying to solve them! Their task then becomes one of turning the apparently impossible into the possible. As they do so, each student will improve their personal learning and thinking skills and team skills, whilst boosting their confidence in the process and raising their own expectations of what they can achieve in the classroom.

By solving problems and conquering challenges which initially seem too difficult, each student starts to see thay they can achieve golas which previously may have seenmed too difficult to reach. THerefore, every programme focuses on achievement rather than competition. Each puzzle is age an ability appropriate. Students are genuinely challenged, but they will discover that every puzzle can be solved by using the right strategies and effective teamwork.