So...what will the students be doing?

Below is just a small example of the types of activites the students will be taking part in. Each puzzle is subject to year group and session lengh.

Road Map - Years 4-9 (Differentiated) 

Students need to put 20 pieces of road together to make one complete circuit. Not so easy when they all fit toghter every way round.

Key Skills - Problem Solving, Visual Perception, Spatial Awareness & Team Skills.


Castle Logic - Years 1-6 (Differentiated) 

The aim of this task is to recreate the picture shown using the image provided. What way round the pieces go is up to you.

Key Skills - Thinking Skils, Visual Perception, Spatial Awareness & Team Skills.



Colourscape - Years 5-11  

The task is to put all the pieces together to build one big jigsaw. A task which becomes much easier once they have worked out the clever pattern.

Key Skills - Spatial Awareness, Visual Perception, Pattern Matching, Team Skills & Sequencing.


Spin Science - Years 3-11 (Differentiated)

The Showstopper! We can make it look like there is fur and wiskers all over your students faces without even touching them. We make the impossible become possible.

Key Skills- Problem Solving &Visual Perception.