Staff Insets And Conferences

The Happy Puzzle Company runs a series of staff programmes that will be tailored to meet the needs of your school.

We offer programmes in the following areas:

  • Team building
  • Training for using puzzles as teaching resources
  • Understanding and developing thinking skills
  • Using puzzles to improve maths skills
  • Helping students to improve their performance, by learning to overcome difficulties in their school work

The programmes are available as Insets, Twilights and we also offer workshops for conferences and keynote speakers.

Up to 120 members of staff can take part in each programme (there is no minimum number) and participants may come from more than one school as well as different Key Stage areas.

Highly effective and great fun, the puzzle programmes are a memorable hands-on experience that will enthuse staff from all areas of school life.

Our highly successful team-building programme will also bring together your teaching and non-teaching staff.

The thinking skills and maths programmes give your staff an opportunity to climb inside the minds of their students to understand how they think and learn.

This is done by using the same puzzles that the students solve, but on an appropriate level, to enable the participants to experience the processes that the students go through when they start to find aspects of their schoolwork challenging.

By mirroring these processes, the participants gain a greater understanding of the students’ experience, nurturing their ability to guide students of all abilities towards raising their expectations in the classroom.

Staff inset programmes can take place on the same day as your Puzzle Challenge Day, or on a different day.

If you would like us to attend a conference, please contact us on 0208 953 4494 or alternatively email us on

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