How To Book For Your School And Costs


You can check the cost of our workshops by following 3 simple steps. 


1) Find the date your school would like to make a booking for. The cost of the date is indicated on the calendar below.

2) Based on the map of the UK below, work out your schools travel charge. 

3) Simply add them together along with any optional extras you may wish to include. Its as easy as that.



We offer a sliding scale of discounts based on the week your school is looking to book for.  

Calendar of dates 


We are situated in Elstree, Hertfordshire and our team of presenters are all based here. For that reason, we sometimes needs to charge a 'mileage supplement' to cover the costs of getting to and from your school.

Using the first part of your school's postcode, look at your map to find out into which zone your school falls.

  Mileage/Travel Supplements
Day Costs Zone A Zone B* Zone C Zone D Zone E Zone F
Super Off-Peak £475 £20 £50 £90 £130 £170 varies 
Off-Peak £515 £20 £50 £90 £130 £170 varies 
Standard £545 £20 £50 £90 £130 £170 varies 
Peak £565 £20 £50 £90 £130 £170 varies 

Please note that mileage supplements only apply for the first day, when you book additional consecutive days.

        Map of United Kingdom showing booking zones 

If your school falls in Zone F, please contact us on 0208 953 4514 to discuss your requirements and to get a quote for our workshops.


You may want to add on one of our fantastic Parents & Family Porgrammes or Staff Insets. If not, then simply add the two costs together and there you have it. It couldn't be simpler. 

Optional Extras

  After school on the event date On a stand alone date
Parents and Family Programme £245 £265 + any applicable travel fee
INSERT/Twilight programme £275 £325 + any applicable travel fee

All price are subject to VAT at the current standard rate.

How to cut the cost of your day

If your school is situated in Zone C, Zone D, Zone E or Zone F, you will only be charged any applicable travel feeds ONCE if your school books between two and five consecutive days, either for yourselves, or another local school. That means that the travel fee can be split accordingly. Bear in mind as well, that each day will require accommodation and breakfast for the night before.

I have chosen my date, I know the cost... what do I do now?

It's time to check that we have availability on the required date(s) and then make a booking.

If you would prefer to make the booking by phone, then please call us on 020 8953 4484 (and we can take the booking over the telephone and then email confirmation) or by emailing and we will send you a booking form to complete.

Please note that we ONLY take confirmed bookings and on a strictly first come, first served basis.

We do not take a deposite. However, payment in full should be paid on the day of the event. If you need to cancel or move your date more than six weeks before the date of the event, there is no penalty. However, if you do cancel six weeks or less before the date of the event, your school will be charged in full. During this time period we will also make every effort to move your booking to another date in the same week should this prove necessary (subject to availability).

Please note that the prices shown are valid from 1st January 2018 until 30th March 2019. We reserve the right to change / update them as necessary. These new prices will not be applied to existing bookings. Prices shown exclude VAT where applicable. Most schools will be able to claim this back.

* Zone F

Schools in Zone F are situated in Scotland (including islands), Northern Ireland, Republic Of Ireland, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. There is no fixed travel fee, however, we need to charge for the expenses of getting to and from your school. This will include:

  • A return flight for the presenter (budget airlines are fine and we are based within easy reach of London Luton, Heathrow and Standsted Airports).
  • Courier costs to deliver and return our equipment to your school.
  • Overnight accommodation and sustenance as applicable.
  • Any necessary additional expenses such as taxis/car hire etc.

This sounds like a large expense, but these days it does not have to be... see the 'How to cut the cost of your day section' to find out why.