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Improves Confidence & Concentration Improves Confidence and Concentration

Suitable for ages:5 - Adult
No. of Players:2 to 4
Skills:Fine Motor Skills, Hand/Eye Co-ordination, Strategic Planning, Visual Perception
Box size:26.7cm x 26.5cm
Product Code:MDTIA

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Set Sail With The Pirate Ship - But Don't Lose The Crew!
With each turn, players turn over a pirate card and a wave card. This will define which pirate needs to be added to the boat and the level of storm through which the ship must sail. Having added the pirate, the ship sets sail as you have to push the ship through the storm and out the other side without any of the pirates falling into the sea. A brilliant hands-on game! Earn a gold coin for each crew member that doesn't take the plunge! Collect the most coins to win!