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Improves Confidence & Concentration Improves Confidence and Concentration

Suitable for ages:10 - Adult
No. of Players:2 to 4
Skills:Lateral Thinking, Logical Deduction
Box size:29cm x 20.5cm
Product Code:HTSTR

Product Information

An Exceptional New Game Of Logical Deduction
Each player has six numbers in different colours displayed in front of them. You can see the numbers and colours which all the other players have on display, but you cannot see your own numbers. As the game progresses, you'll receive more information which will give you clues and help you identify what cards to have! By estimating the total of your numbers based on those of the other players, logical deduction will allow you to work out what exactly what numbers stand on the reverse of your display. This original and brilliant challenge will really strengthen thinking skills! If you like the game "Mastermind", you'll love Think Str8!