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Suitable for ages:6 - Adult
No. of Players:1 or more
Skills:Fine Motor Skills, Numeracy, Problem Solving, Visual Perception
Box size:13cm x 13cm
Product Code:FBRPT

Product Information


Reptangles are 'geometry turtles'- building blocks which lock together to create hundreds of geometric shapes. The set contains 24 turtles and more than 50 multi-level puzzles. However, the unique mathematical value of Reptangles comes with the geometrical shapes that can be made. The accompanying booklet guides you through creating various structures and symmetries with a seemingly endless supply of polyhedra to create. There are simple shapes to build, or if you are feeling more ambitious, this set will guide you in creating a lesser rhombicuboctahedron, a trucated cube or a reflecting tripod. Exceptionally high quality, incredibly colourful and thoroughly well thought out, Reptangles is an outstanding idea! 

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