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Graded Activity For All Abilities Graded Activity For All Abilities
Improves Confidence & Concentration Improves Confidence and Concentration

Suitable for ages:5 - Adult
No. of Players:1 to 5
Skills:Numeracy, Speed Of Thought
Box size:3cm x 5cm x 23.5cm
Product Code:SGFNM

Product Information


Friendly Numbers includes multiple maths games that will really test your ability to use numbers and create equations at speed. Difficulty levels can be changed easily for the age and ability of the players.
The main game involves several boards full of numbers. Players must aim to be the first to discard all of the numbers in their 'hand' by matching them to the numbers on the boards, or by creating equations that will lead to that number... so if you have the number 28 in your hand, you can put that directly on top of the '28' on the board. The '11', 'x' and '7' could also be stacked on top of the '77' and so on. You will need to think quickly and plan carefully to make sure that you don't get stuck with any tiles at the end - only a handful of numbers appear on each board and somebody else could get there first!

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