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Improves Confidence & Concentration Improves Confidence and Concentration

Suitable for ages:8 - Adult
No. of Players:2 or more
Skills:Speed Of Thought, Visual Perception
Box size:27cm x 14cm
Product Code:MWCZLT

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Just Read The Word! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?  
The whole game involves reading words. What could possibly be simpler? Except of course it isn’t, because devilish things have happened to these words! Letters have been reversed, turned sideways or mirrored. Some have been deliberately warped to look like other letters. Is it an ‘n’ or a ‘u’ or a ‘c’? An ‘m’ or a ‘w’? Is the whole word even the right way round or back to front, or is it upside down? Who could ever imagine that something as straightforward as reading a word could be so puzzling! Crazy Letters is a magnificent game, and with a staggering 550 challenge cards split into five categories, the whole family will have a huge amount of fun!

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