Gifted & Talented Pack For Key Stage 3 & 4

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Graded Activity For All Abilities Graded Activity For All Abilities
Improves Confidence & Concentration Improves Confidence and Concentration
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Suitable for ages:12 - Adult
No. of Players:1
Skills:Communication Skills, Creative Thinking, Fine Motor Skills, General Knowledge, General Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Hand/Eye Co-ordination, Lateral Thinking, Logical Deduction, Memory, Problem Solving, Social Skills, Speed Of Thought, Team Building, Thinking Skills, Understanding 3D Concepts, Understanding Balance, Understanding Instructions, Understanding The Human Body, Understanding Risk And Reward, Decision Making, Active Play
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Product Information

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Your Solution: A pack of resources aimed specifically at Gifted and Talented students. The term ‘Gifted and Talented’ is a relative term and of course it refers to the top performing students in an individual school. Therefore, a group of students falling into a Gifted and Talented group in one school, may not do so in another school and vice versa. We have put together a range of resources which are largely ‘self adjusting’. There are plenty of graded activities, meaning that each student will be able to discover their own starting point in terms of difficulty and develop their skills from that point. Similarly we have included a number of one-player lateral thinking challenges, which will encourage students to use different types of thinking skills, explore different options and raise their own expectations of what they can achieve.  

As with all our packs we will be happy to help you plan programmes using these resources and in so doing, allow your students to gain as much as possible from them.